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The Frico thailand tire factory covers an area of 391 hectares of rubber plantation, located in Rayong Province, Thailand. Established in 2016, it is a factory that produces 1.5 million sets of radial tires for trucks and buses and 50000 industrial tires annually. Committed to building a professional R&D and manufacturing base for truck and bus tires in China.

Currently, there is only one truck tire brand, Frico, with markets covering various parts of the country and exporting to over 100 countries and regions such as Europe, the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the United States, Japan, Australia, India, etc. The company’s products have successively passed national CCC product certification, ISO/IATF16949 international quality system certification, DOT certification from the US Department of Transportation, ECE certification from the Economic Commission for Europe, INMETRO certification from Brazil, GCC certification from the Middle East, European wetland noise certification, and SONCAP certification from Nigeria, among other domestic and foreign certifications.

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We currently have four main truck tire designs.After extensive, thorough and meticulous market research, weighing all available options and considering all the key variables that can inform an informed decision, we were launched the latest product range of truck tires.  And sync new on our Thailand tyre website.

Frico thailand tires currently has four truck tires with different patterns. It is divided into two types of wheels according to wheel position: all position and drive. The S MULTI I and S MULTI II, which can be used as an all position, are both linear patterns and can be used in high-speed road conditions for long-distance driving.  It can better control the direction of the vehicle and provide safety guarantee.The S POWER I and S POWER II, which serve as Drive, are block-patterned. Used as a Drive wheel, the blocky pattern structure has good driving and braking performance, which greatly meets the driving conditions of regional road conditions.

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Frico thailand tyre factory-new line of truck tires uses cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials in the industry. Rest assured that they have been rigorously tested and proven to be extremely reliable, high-performance and durable in all weather conditions and terrains.  So get ready to experience the unmatched performance, durability and quality these elite truck tires have to offer and revolutionize the way you drive!

The company’s marketing network is spread throughout the global market, relying on a comprehensive market layout and high-tech and value-added distinctive products. Even in the face of the impact and obstacles of trade barriers in some countries and regions, the company still has a strong market risk carrying capacity. We always adhere to the corporate spirit of “common interests above all else”, with the goal of “providing customers with more valuable products and services wholeheartedly”, adhere to customer orientation, honesty and trustworthiness, legal operation, and scientific development, and strive to maximize the common interests of consumers, distributors, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities, governments, enterprises, and other stakeholders.


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About Frico Thailand Tire

Frico thailand tyre manufacturers boasts of an illustrious history spanning back almost a century since its inception in 2016. Our experience in producing high-quality tires is second to none, having been part of the rubber industry’s evolution from a fledgling industry to the behemoth it is today. Throughout our history, Frico tire has made remarkable contributions to the world tire industry, a testament to our mission of providing our customers with best-in-class tire solutions.

Frico tire Co., Ltd. (thailand tyre manufacturers)is a well-known tire manufacturing enterprise renowned for producing high-quality tire solutions,which tyre made in thailand. Our headquarters are situated in the bustling city of Bangkok while our intelligent production plant is in Rayong Rubber Industrial Park. Our comprehensive range of products includes TBR, OTR, and more. Thanks to the strong technical research and development capabilities, we have managed to emerge as a national technical center.

Our products are known for stable and reliable quality, with a broad spectrum of specifications and models to choose from.Besides, thai tires are certified by reputable and prominent organizations such as the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), European Economic Center (ECE), and Brazil’s INMETRO. With our products sold in over 100 countries worldwide, we are committed to delivering exceptional products and services that keep our customers satisfied.