Global Tire Companies Top 75 -2023

Global Tire Companies Top 75 -2023

The global tire 2023 Top 75 list is released, and this year’s ranking continues the same rules as in previous years, with the ranking measured by the income of global tyres business. From the overall data point of view, the resources of tyre brands in world are still in the head of the enterprise, the top 10 tire companies accounted for nearly 70% of the overall sales of the top 75, this year’s data again, tire resources head monopoly is becoming more obvious.

tyre brands in world

1.Global Tyres VS China Tyre

Compared with last year, the whole has changed a lot, especially China’s tire companies, the ranking has increased significantly.This is inseparable from the improvement of Chinese tires in price advantage and workmanship quality in recent years.How to continue to make quality tires? That is a question that Chinese tire makers continue to think.



tyre brands in world2.World Top Tire Manufacturers In Different Countries

This year, the top 75 companies are distributed in 19 countries, of which China is the most, India ranked second with 8 tire companies, and three Chinese companies, Zhongce Rubber Group Co., LTD., Cylun Group, and Linglong Tires, ranked among the top 20 of the global tire 75.


3.Sales Rankings By Tyre Brands In World

The latest global tire Top 75 rankings are as follows:(Partial screenshot

4.Tyre Technology International

Tyre Technology International is going to market.
At a test site in Luxembourg, a Tesla Model 3 sedan makes a sharp turn to accelerate and then comes to a halt. It’s all part of a test run. But unusually, the car was fitted with non-inflatable tyres made by the US tyre and rubber company Goodyear.
‘There’s going to be some noise and some vibration,’ said Michael Rachita, Goodyear’s senior program manager for non-pneumatic tires. We’re still figuring out how to make the ride smoother. But we think the performance of this tyre will surprise you.”

He’s right.

Electric and automatic cars have changed the demand for tyres. Delivery companies and shuttle car services need products that are low maintenance, breakage-proof, recyclable, and have sensors that record road conditions.

Car sharing and ride-hailing, rather than private car ownership, are becoming more common in cities. When a car gets a flat tire, it can’t run profitably.

Lacita said: “Pneumatic tyres will always be useful, but there needs to be a hybrid solution. As we enter an era where autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and many cities use transportation as a service delivery strategy, tires that don’t require maintenance become particularly important.”

Mr. Lachita said Goodyear’s LABS test tires around the clock in different road conditions and speeds. Thousands of miles of non-stop testing. Some spokes are deformed, some are broken, but the tire structure is still safe to operate.

“It’s a test and learn process,” he said. But we have great confidence at this stage. It’s a really useful product.”



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