The Growing Tire Export Market in Brazil

“The Growing Tyre Export Market in Brazil” is one of the tire market that has attracted much attention in recent years. As one of the key markets for the global tire industry, Brazil offers many opportunities for manufacturers to expand their presence and meet diverse market demands. The Brazilian tire market has always been dynamic in terms of imports. Here are some current developments about the Brazilian best tires on the market:

The dynamics of imported tires in the Brazilian tire market:

1.Growth in import scale: The demand for imported tires in the Brazilian tire market has shown a growing trend in the past few years. This is mainly due to increased demand in the Brazilian domestic market for certain types of high-end tires or specific brands that cannot be met domestically and therefore need to be imported to meet market demand.

2.Brand diversification: As the demand for high-quality tires in the Brazilian tire market increases, the imported tire market shows a trend of brand diversification. Rising consumer demand for well-known brand tires from different countries and regions has prompted the Brazilian market to import tire products from various countries.

3.Technical innovation and special needs: Some imported tires have advantages in technical innovation and special needs. For example, some exported tires company offer better durability, performance and handling to meet the needs of specific vehicles or road conditions. These advanced technologies and special needs make tires competitive in the Brazilian market.

4.Trade Policy and Tariffs: The Brazilian government’s trade policies and tariffs play a role in imported tires. Depending on government policies and tariff adjustments, imported tires may face different import barriers and costs. This may have an impact on the supply and price of imported tires.

In general, the Brazilian tire market’s demand for imports has increased to a certain extent. Brand diversification, technological innovation and special needs are factors driving the development of the imported tire market.

On 4 May the Brazilian authorities passed a resolution calling for anti-dumping tariffs to be levied against Chinese-produced truck tyres with rims between 20 and 22.5 inches in diameter for the next five years.Specifically, the Brazilian Câmara de Comércio de Exterior foreign chamber of commerce or Camex (as it is known) made the decision to collect the duty in the form of specific fixed US-dollar amounts per kilogram. Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. and Double Coin Holdings Ltd. come off lightest on the named list, with anti-dumping duties of US$1.12 per kilogram.  However, the sliding scale goes up to $1.55/kilo for the highest named company (Shandong Bayi Tyre Manufacture Co., Ltd) and as a high as $2.59/kilo for all the companies not named on the list (see table for complete details).Brazil imposed a tariff of $0.53/KG on Thai tires.

 From this point of view, it is obvious that Thailand is gradually becoming a growing tire export market for Brazil.

tyre export

Reasons for exporting tires to Brazil and measures taken


1.Market size: Brazil is one of the largest economies in South America, with a large population and a developing automotive market. The Brazilian tire market has maintained steady growth in the past few years and has very large potential market demand.

2.Growing car ownership: Brazil’s car ownership is growing, which means demand for tires is also increasing. As the middle class expands and economic conditions improve, more Brazilians own cars, driving growth in the tire market.

3.Geography and Climatic Conditions: Brazil is a vast and sparsely populated country with diverse climate conditions, ranging from hot tropical areas to cold southern regions with varying road and driving conditions. This provides tire manufacturers with the opportunity to develop products suitable for different climates and road conditions, such as heat-resistant tires, wet weather tires and off-road tires.

4.Sustainability and environmental awareness: In Brazil, the focus on sustainability and environmental awareness is gradually increasing. Consumers are increasingly interested in tires with low rolling resistance and high fuel efficiency to reduce environmental impact and reduce fuel consumption. Tire export companies can meet this demand by developing tires that meet environmental standards and gain a competitive advantage in the market by having the best tires in the market.


1.Product diversification: Brazilian tire manufacturers export various types of tires to meet the needs of different tire importing companies. Export passenger car tires, commercial vehicle tires, agricultural tires, industrial tires, etc. This product diversification allows Brazilian tires to adapt to the needs and applications of different national and regional tire markets.

2.Quality and technological innovation: We have made progress in product quality and technological innovation for Brazilian tires. Committed to providing high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly tire products that meet international standards and customer requirements. In addition, it also focuses on technological innovation and launches Brazilian tires with advanced characteristics, such as wear resistance, low rolling resistance, high fuel efficiency, wet grip and tires that adapt to different road conditions. This makes Brazilian tires competitive in the international market. For example, our tire product Frico import export tire company is a product specially developed for the Brazilian market.For example, the S MULTI I pattern suitable for all wheel positions, the 5-rib tread design makes it have excellent handling and long tread life, and has four steel belts, which are tough and wear-resistant, and have high stability.S POWER I pattern suitable for driving wheels, the driving tread is widened, and it has excellent anti-skid and wear resistance in wet areas. The tread pattern depth is deepened and the traction is strong. It is suitable for mixed roads and highways and is suitable for long-distance transportation.

SMUITII pattern suitable for all wheel positions, using a specialized tread pattern, strong grip and stability, suitable for various complex weather and road surfaces, such as dry, wet and snowy conditions, and also very suitable for highways. 

S POWER II pattern suitable for driving wheels, widened transverse groove design, high pattern saturation, and strong wear resistance. Open shoulder design improves tire heat dissipation, improving performance and durability.

By offering a diverse product line, we  are able to meet the needs of different markets.

Overall, Brazil, as a potential tire market, provides suppliers with broad development opportunities. Suppliers can expand the influence of their tires in the Brazilian market by understanding local market needs, technical requirements and consumer preferences and providing products and solutions that meet these requirements.Some Frico products have updated their Brazilian certification, please visit our official website to contact tire experts for a quote!


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